Bike Lanes on Busy Streets – Time for a Big Rethink

Everyone should be proud of the progress Toronto has made in its bike lane expansion initiatives. Done right, bike lanes keep cyclists, motorists and pedestrians safely out of each other’s way, get more people using bikes and enhance our city’s liveability.

According to the findings from a recently completed poll by Discover-Navigator:

We’re Not Against Cyclists or New Bike Lanes

Once a transportation issue, bike lanes have become an emotional and political one. An influential subset of bike lane proponents believe that all bike lanes are a net positive for the city, and that to believe otherwise is to be pro-car and anti-bike. This view is wrong and benefits nobody, especially cyclists who only want a safe and sustainable city-wide bike lane network.

Not All Bike Lanes Deliver as Advertised

Bike lanes that are well-thought and on less-congested roads encourage safe cycling. When done wrong, bike lanes increase traffic congestion while bringing new stresses to road users, residents and neighbourhoods. Ill-conceived bike lanes endanger cyclists and pedestrians. They hurt retailers and restaurants. They transform once-quiet residential streets into congested feeder routes between major thoroughfares, which themselves become gridlocked no-go zones.

We’re for a Data-Driven Toronto Bike Lane Vision

Keep Toronto Moving is a not-for-profit organization comprised of Torontonians who believe there are better ways for our city’s vehicles and bikes to coexist on our roads. We have proof that the city’s flawed collection and interpretation of road user data has compromised its bike lane vision and policies.

What’s the Problem Here?

The city currently leaves out vitally important road use data when justifying new bike lanes on arterial roads. For example, the city:

The Facts

Toronto’s Congestion Made Worse by Badly Executed Bike Lanes

Emergency Vehicles are Stuck in Traffic Jams

EMS vehicle response times have increased as a result of congestion on key roads mandated for their efficient passage When an ambulance cannot rush a sick person to hospital, when a fire truck sits waiting for traffic to clear while a home burns, when police cannot respond rapidly to a crime, the safety of everyone is compromised.

Why is the City of Toronto Refusing to Collect and Share Key Data?

Despite repeated requests, the City of Toronto refuses to provide us the data they use to make decisions on bike lanes. Currently, there are NO clearly defined metrics that determine bike lane success. Many city councillors and bike lobbyists flatly reject any facts or information that doesn’t support their agendas, and they refuse demands to collect year-round, daily road usage data.

It’s Time for Data-Driven Bike Lanes that Work for Everyone

Unlike more temperate cities in the US, Europe, etc. that have robust bike lane networks in use year-round:

Bike Lanes are vastly Underutilized by Cyclists in Winter

How many times have you sat unmoving in a traffic jam next to empty bike lanes that replaced well utilized vehicle lanes?

Bloor Street is a Congested Disaster

What We’re Doing


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Who We Are What We’re Doing

We are a non-partisan organization that will not support, promote or oppose any candidate for office. Keep Toronto Moving is a volunteer-based, not-for-profit organization comprised of concerned citizens who believe there is a better way for bikes, vehicles and people to coexist within the City of Toronto. We have no employees and we do not represent any business or financial interest.

We Are Not Anti-Bike

We are pro-common sense, pro-data, pro-transparency. Our mandate is to persuade the decision-makers in our city to collect and interpret road use data fairly and openly, and to implement the results in a rational, sensible manner.

We Represent all Torontonians

We stand for cyclists, vehicle drivers (personal and professional), public transit users and workers, business owners, taxpayers and everyone who has been negatively impacted by poorly thought-out bike lane installations within our city.

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Keep Toronto Moving advocates for:

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