Keep Toronto Moving is a registered not-for-profit community group that seeks to advance common sense Bike Lane policies in Toronto. We need your financial support to affect change at City Hall.

Time for action with use of Strong Mayor Powers in the City of Toronto Act:

The new Mayor should create an Anti-Congestion Office headed by a Chief Anti-Congestion Officer with the rank of Deputy City Manager. 

This newly appointed “Congestion Czar” will report directly to the Mayor and oversee data collection and pilot projects, conduct balanced and objective analysis, and make formal recommendations to City Council on all issues related to traffic congestion and road safety, including the placement of bike lanes. 

Any staff report related to road use or having the potential to affect congestion, gridlock or road safety would require the Chief Anti-Congestion Officer’s sign-off before being presented to City Council.

Badly considered bike lanes worsen congestion and safety: 

Statistics bear this out:

Removal of Dedicated Bike Lanes on Major Arterial Roads:

We call on mayoral candidates to agree to remove the dedicated bike lanes causing the most problems on major arterial roads. 

Theses would be lanes on Bloor Street (downtown) and Bloor Street West Village (proposed), Danforth Avenue, Eglinton Avenue, (proposed), Sheppard Avenue (proposed), University Avenue and Yonge Street.

Why we Need Your Financial Support:

Your financial support to help enact change at City Hall. Funds raised through this initiative will be used to:

Thank you:

Please donate generously and together we will be successful in bringing objective rational decision-making back and Keep Toronto Moving.